Thursday, February 23, 2006

..Blind Mirror ..

It was really strange and eerie. I saw nothing but a colorless and lifeless background behind me. I touched it. I felt a solid and cold thing on the tip of my fingers, but just like what i've expected, it's impossible to reach the other side.. so impossible.

Suddenly, tears fell from my eyes and i uttered a word that no one knows the meaning except me.

I clenched my fist then closed my eyes, and to my surprised, i saw someone standing in front of me. She's smiling at me and crying at the same time. She's so sad and lonely, i felt deep within me her emptiness.. her pains.. She slowly moved her pale lips as if trying to say something. Finally, words came out to her mouth but it's almost a whisper, but i heard it loud and clear. She said: "Help me, please.." Then, she disappeared!

She disappeared because i opened my eyes. It's hard for me to see her so helpless and hopeless, and i hate her because of that.

Now, i'm standing here again in front of a 'blind mirror', waiting to see 'her' to stand in front of me wearing a happy face and saying.. "Don't worry, it's over."


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