Tuesday, March 07, 2006

..The Enemy..

This is your world. No windows, no door. You’re happy while you’re sleeping but the reality slowly killing you the moment you open your eyes. You’re smiling with a half heart and twisted brain. Your hands are always empty and as cold as corpse. Millions of question marks spinning around your head while the answers are slapping at your face.

Time is freezing while you’re walking and time is running while you’re dreaming. You’re aware on what’s really happening but you preffered to be blind, deaf and cripple. You’re too sensitive yet insensitive. You always want to achieve the impossible and you're ignoring the possible.. You let the evil in you rules yet hiding your darkest side to everyone, and you said you believe in God.. Shame on YOU!!!

You’re nothing but a rotten human waiting for your death!


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